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About Us

At ShopSaker, our goal is to bring more convenience and enjoyment to every family.

Hi, We're ShopSaker

ShopSaker was established in 2011, with the goal to offer the most innovative, cool, and fun gadgets on the market.

Smartsaker may be the tip of the iceberg among many brands, but ShopSaker staff are all passionate about this brand and devoted to cultivating this brand into a household logo in the American tool industry. We believe we can bring as much convenience and enjoyment as possible to every family.

We hope that with The ShopSaker, one thing becomes abundantly clear: “the best things in life don't have to cost a fortune”.

Company Address: DIMOO INC,100 N HOWARD ST STE R, SPOKANE, WA, 99201, UNITED STATES(this is not a returning address)

At ShopSaker, we continuously work on having the newest and most exciting gadgets in our shop.

Some Words to You

What Makes Our Products Unique?

ShopSaker is a global online retailer, it’s also a brand with the most professional designers and operation teams, dedicated to providing simple and friendly tool products for families.

We offer the finest selection of merchandise at the lowest prices around. We stock the widest range of the world’s biggest professional tool brands so you can be confident you will find exactly the tool you need to get your job done.

How Did We Get Our Start?

ShopSaker wants to bring as much convenience as possible to more families, not only to provide professional tools for professionals but also to make tools suitable for DIYers like ourselves.

ShopSaker also hopes to provide affordable products for every hobby and lifestyle. Home improvement, electronics, fashion and beauty supplies: available worldwide at unbeatable prices.