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Saker Diamond Drill Bits Set

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  • 【Superb craftsmanship】These diamond drill bits are made of industrial-grade carbon steel and have a nickel-plated coating to resist corrosion. The thickened diamond coating on the top provides excellent cutting strength for high-precision, smooth cuts without hemming for maximum drilling results.
  • 【Ergonomic design】The large clearance holes along the drill bit help the entry of cooling water and the escape of chips and other particles from the borehole, ensuring smooth punching and making the drilling process easier. Small holes-When debris gets stuck in the hole saw. We can use our screwdriver to pull it out. To provide you with the perfect experience.
  • 【Adjustable fixture】Adjustable hole saw drilling guide fixture with suction cup-the maximum opening length of the board is 3-1 / 4 ", which is large enough to fit in all size hole saws. Movable ball bearings and two modes (fixing 3 or 4 bearings) are your choices, just flip the board.
  • 【Various sizes】This diamond hole saw kit comes with 15 different drill bits to meet various needs. Including the following diameters: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 10 holes saw drill bits+1 hole saw guide clamp+1 screwdriver driver.
  • 【Ideal select】This diamond-coated hole saw bit can be used to remove rings on glass, marble, tile, ceramic, PVC, or other materials. When the diamond bit is working, please continue to add water to reduce the drilling speed, reduce the drilling pressure, and increase the water lubricity, which will greatly extend the life of the bit.


  • Hole saw guide: Material: rubber base + plastic shell + steel
  • Two fixed modes are available: Mode 1, reverse side of the adjustable plate: You can fix the hole saw with 4 bearing balls, the maximum size is 3-1 / 4 inches.
    Mode 2, Adjustable plate reverse side: Place the reverse rotation plate, and then move a bearing ball to the bearing hole.
    You can fix the hole saw with 3 bearing balls, the maximum size is 1-3 / 4 inches.



  • 1* Diamond Drill Bits Set (1 PC Hole Saw Rail Clamp, 15 PCS Diamond Coated Drills)



  1. If you smell a burning odor, step back! Either it is too fast or the pressure is too great. The bit you are drilling must not be exposed to high temperatures or even heat.
  2. Not suitable for concrete or deeper than 1/2 inch.
  3. Lubricating water is needed when drilling, which will greatly extend the life of the drill.