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SAKER® Shoe Remover

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  • Effortless Shoe Removal: SAKER® Shoe Remover is a creative and convenient tool designed to address common inconveniences associated with traditional shoe removal. With shoes often covered in dirt and bending down proving cumbersome or unsanitary, this innovative shoe remover allows users to effortlessly take off their shoes without the need to bend over, ensuring both convenience and hygiene.
  • Whimsical Cartoon Crocodile Design: Adding a touch of fun to functionality, the SAKER® Shoe Remover features a whimsical cartoon crocodile design, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. This creative design not only makes the shoe remover more visually appealing but also contributes to a lighthearted and enjoyable user experience.
  • Gentle on Shoe Surfaces: The shoe remover boasts a smooth and rounded surface that is gentle on shoe materials. The design ensures that the tool won't harm the surface of the shoes, providing a safe and effective method for shoe removal without causing damage.
  • Anti-Slip Design for Enhanced Grip: Featuring an anti-slip texture, the SAKER® Shoe Remover provides a secure grip during the shoe removal process. The thoughtful anti-slip design ensures that the shoe remover is easy to use, offering a smooth and effortless experience.
  • Versatile Doorstop Functionality: Beyond its primary role as a shoe remover, this tool doubles as a doorstop, adding to its versatility. The SAKER® Shoe Remover can be used to prop doors open, facilitating ventilation and making it a considerate addition to any room. Its well-balanced design ensures controlled and gentle door movement, minimizing the risk of accidental collisions with walls.


  • Package Size: 33.5*12.6*4.2cm
  • Weight: 150g


  • 1*SAKER® Shoe Remover